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Your Health is Our Primary Concern

Dr. Fridgen, Dr. Kwong, and the rest of the dental team are excited to see you in the office. Since your safety and health is our primary concern, we've made a few changes around the office, and want you to continue to feel at home. Please watch the short video to see how things have changed so you and your child can feel comfortable when you visit our updated office.

Find out what changes we've made since COVID-19

Dr. Fridgen and Dr. Ligh

Meet Our Dentists

Joseph D. Fridgen, DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Fridgen believes it is an honor and a privilege to be chosen to help your little ones develop a lifetime of great smiles! Helping children overcome their fear of the dentist is very rewarding and something for which Dr. Fridgen has a passion. Dr. Fridgen received his doctorate of dental surgery at the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.


Randy Q. Ligh, DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

For over 35 years, Ligh has served San Jose area families, helping your children to mature with healthy smiles. It’s always been his hope that the information he shares with you and your children will lead to a lifetime of great oral health. He listens to you and your children’s needs, and provides a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


Meet Our Orthodontists

Jeff Kwong, DDS


Dr. Kwong is known to be warm and compassionate because he always puts his patients first. He values their concerns and needs, and treats them as if they were a part of his family. It is his goal for his patients to clearly understand and enjoy all steps of treatment along the way.


Joseph Rideau, DDS


Dr. Rideau loves being an orthodontist. Working with people of all ages from children through young adults, it is a pleasure helping his patients correct and improve their smiles each day. He loves what he does and wants to ensure his patients receive the best care.


Dr. Kwong and Dr. Rideau

Our Team Looks Forward To Meeting You

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Pediatric New Patients (888) 395-3806

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Orthodontic New Patients (888) 396-2820

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San Jose Frenectomies

While most adults would agree with the importance of protecting their adult teeth, many overlook the developmental significance of the primary dentition, or “baby teeth.” Most pediatric dental patients have both adult and baby teeth, or mixed dentition, and a pediatric dental specialist understands how proper care of both can lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles. At Destination Smiles, our San Jose, CA doctors all want what’s best for your children, including your extremely young ones who may have trouble feeding.

A frenectomy with our Board-Certified Pediatric Dentists has proven results and benefits for breastfeeding mothers and children.

  • Improved ability for the baby to latch
  • Improve bite function for baby - Improve speech and eating function for child
  • Reduce nipple and breast pain for the mother
  • Increased transfer of milk to baby
Dr. Ligh with mother and baby

Meet Lip Tie and Tongue Tie Expert, Dr. Randy Ligh

Dr. Ligh has been involved with infants and young children for over 25 years. He understands the entire breastfeeding continuum and the far-reaching consequences of the mother and infant bonding experience. Dr. Ligh is a Certified Community Lactation Education Counselor through the University of California in San Diego. He is Bovie Electrocautery and Soft Tissue Diode Laser trained, and has experience with scissor and scalpel protocols as well.

Click to Read Dr. Ligh’s article about Collaborative Approach to Treating Ankyloglossia

Dr. Randy Ligh

Fix a Tongue or Lip Tie in 3 Easy Steps

Dr. Randy Ligh and his team at Destination Smiles in San Jose, CA want to help you and your child enjoy the experience of breastfeeding and help children speak clearly and develop properly as they grow. If you’re not sure if your child has a lip tie but are having trouble with your baby latching, then please give our office a call, we want to help.


How do I know if my child has a lip or tongue tie?

Does your young child having trouble latching while nursing?

Does your older child have a large gap between their front teeth or are they having trouble pronouncing their words properly?

Your child might be showing the effects of a frenulum that is too thick or too tight.

A frenulum is a piece of skin that connects two parts of the body so that they do not separate completely.


Request a Tongue or Lip Tie Consultation

Your baby will be comprehensively examined utilizing a morpho-functional evaluation. Morphology of the physical structure does not independently solidify a diagnosis. Baby’s symptoms, mother’s observations, and mother’s symptoms contribute to the total picture. Keep in mind the mother/child dyad relationship may point to issues that the mother has rather than unilaterally pointing to the cause as coming from the baby.

During the consultation, we ask that parents provide information on any previous evaluations by IBCLC’s, OT’s, Feeding Specialists, SLP’s, Physical Therapists, Doula’s and Chiropractors, and Cranial-sacral therapists.

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Procedure and Post-Procedure

The surgical technique will be discussed. Surgical videos are available if requested. The parent’s post-surgical responsibility for active wound management will be covered in detail along with handouts provided and a private link to a YouTube video.

Post-surgical monitoring will be offered by periodic phone texting of pictures and in –person post-op visits.

Mother holding a baby

Pediatric New Patients (888) 395-3806

Pediatric Appointment

Orthodontic New Patients (888) 396-2820

Orthodontic Appointment

New parents needing lactation education and community, check out Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers - Baby Boutique, Lactation Consultants, Classes, Breast Pump Rentals and Workplace Lactation Rooms

Children’s Dental Care

A child’s first visit to the dentist should be not only enjoyable but informative. Children aren’t born with an inherent fear of the dentist, but they can fear the unknown. Our goal is to create a pleasant, comfortable, fun experience for your child and we’ll describe treatments using simple kid-friendly terms so they understand and know what to expect.

Dentist brushing a toy's with smiling children

Pediatric New Patients (888) 395-3806

Pediatric Appointment

Orthodontic New Patients (888) 396-2820

Orthodontic Appointment

Orthodontics for
Children & Adults

If you need braces or want to get the smile you’ve always wanted, please visit Dr. Kwong and Dr. Rideau. We offer a wide variety of different types of braces and straighteners to meet your orthodontic and cosmetic needs. Call us to request an appointment.

Orthodontist teaching kid how to brush braces

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